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Creation and Salvation: Ireneus and Athanasius

09.15.18 | Theology | by Glen Scrivener

Creation and Salvation:  Ireneus and Athanasius

    "On the one hand we have the Scriptures beginning with a very good creation, full of promises of land and seed and a Saviour taking flesh to renew heaven and earth. On the other we have a Hellenizing spirit which pits body and soul, earth and heaven, time and eternity against each other. When this spirit meets this gospel – and Harnack was right, this is a perennial danger – it always yields bad fruit."

    Glen Scrivener reminds us of the importance of the Triune Creator's holistic good purposes for the whole world.  Where we might forget that, we lose some important insights given to the Church by Irenaeus and Athanasius.

    Read here:  https://www.uniontheology.org/resources/doctrine/god/creation-and-salvation-irenaeus-and-athanasius