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Music Team

Make a Joyful Sound to the Lord

Music is vital to corporate worship.  For the Gospel, it's nothing short of being caught up into the act of creation and redemption itself, to give expression from the heart, hands and voice of that which is rightfully due to God.  And to give expression to the Christian experience in the world that God has created.  For God is redeeming sound from merely being a created thing, subject to curse, by gracing people to turn sound into beauty and to use it for His glory.


Music at Christ Church

Our musical expressions are mixture of the modern and the classical. We sing traditional hymns that most Christians are familiar with, like those of Wesley or Bach, but also incorporate modern pieces from sources such as Bifrost Arts, Sovereign Grace MusicGetty Music, Capitol Christian Music Group, and more.  The music chosen seeks to lead the congregation in the worship of God according to the liturgical season and sermon text.


Music Team

Our music team at Christ Church always welcomes those who wish to join their talents of voice, string, wind, or percussion.