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Brian, Hannah, and their two children, Ray and Willa, live and work in Papau New Ginnea. We've partnered with Brian and Hannah since 2008, while they were training through Pioneer Bible Translators (PBT), the organization for which they work. Their primary job as language surveyors involves researching the languages of unreached people groups and providing PBT with the information they need to make effective decisions in those areas.

The Paris Family Blog:  www.theparisfamily.com


The "Davidson" Family

"Will," "Kathy," and their two kids, live and work in Central Asia.  We've partnered with the Davidsons since 2010.  Will serves through Bible Translation, discipleship, and leading their team comprised of local church leaders and translators. Kathy works to translate the Bible into the local language. They strive to develop relationships with their neighbors and the community as much as possible, living out their faith in an understandable way before their local friends, many of whom are Muslim or profess no faith.



The Schrock Family

Terrill, Amber, and their two kids, work with Wycliffe Bible Translators among the Ik people of Northeastern Uganda. We've been partnering with the Schrocks since 2007. The Ik language is only a spoken language, but the Shrocks have been working to change that. Currently, they are preparing to transition to the US so that Terrill can begin a master’s program at Florida State University.

The Schrock Family Blog:  www.schrockandawe.blogspot.com



"Tarek" and his wife, “Angie,” lead a team of evangelists and church planters in Cairo, Egypt.  Churches are being planted, the Gospel is being preached, and people are responding in faith.