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Who Will You Invite?

Posted by Bill Lovell on

Christ Church's Parish Mission '18 is in just a few weeks. The climax will be our guest service at 10:30am on Sunday, November 11. Our distinguished guest preacher will be the Rev. Julian Russell, a PCA missionary/church planter in Nassau, Bahamas. Julian will be preaching from Acts 11, "Profile of a Bridge Builder."

As we get ready for the Mission, I'm hoping you will take a few minutes to think about whom you will invite to join us. Of course, guests are welcome to all sessions, but I'm especially eager for people to join us on Sunday the 11th. Nothing would make us happier than for people to respond to the loving call of the ultimate bridge builder Jesus Christ. 

Here are six steps:

(1) Think of one or two people you care about who do not know Jesus (or are alienated from him): a  colleague, a neighbor, a friend or a family member.  

(2) Even before you extend your invitation, pray that God will open the hearts of those whom you invite.

(3) Invite your guests to the event--in person, over the phone, via text, or via social media. Be sure to get the details right by clicking on the Parish Mission '18 link. There are five sessions: one on Friday night, November 9; three on Saturday afternoon, November 10; and the evangelistic event on Sunday morning, November 11. 

(4) While you wait to hear back, pray for the people you've invited. 

(5) Once they reply, follow up quickly and warmly. Of course, if they can make it, make sure you explain exactly how to get to us. Maybe you can even offer your guests a ride or a meal afterwards. 

(6) Let me know if you're bringing a guest or guests, so we can be praying with you and preparing to welcome them. 

We will be praying for the Parish Mission every Sunday night, between 6:00pm-6:30pm, between now and the event. (We'll also be praying for our country.) Please join us!

I am so excited that Julian and Chris are coming to Christ Church. They are dear friends and awesome ministers of the gospel. Please join me in thinking of people we can invite to meet them. While they're meeting the Russells, who knows, maybe they'll also meet Jesus Christ!