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Circling the Square

Considering a Merge

Posted by Bill Lovell on

I have been called to serve as Senior Pastor of Metrocrest Presbyterian Church in North Carrollton, just six miles from Christ Church. In the midst of my call, God has been pleased to open another amazing door of opportunity, not just for me, but for the church where I have served very happily for ten years. Over the next several weeks, Christ Church Carrollton will be considering a formal merge with Metrocrest!

In an era when we hear far too much of church splits, God has graciously opened a door for a church merger: two healthy Christ-loving congregations joining together, under Christ, to worship Christ and to witness to Christ, hopefully even more effectively and even more fruitfully than ever before. Confident in God’s continued mercy, I believe we can expect great things!

To explore the idea, members and guests from Christ Church have been invited to visit Metrocrest on three Sundays, Nov 29, Dec 6, and Dec 13. I will be preaching, and the people of Metrocrest will put out the welcome mat. Soon after that, both congregations will consider taking the necessary steps to merge. Please watch for details as they unfold. And, in the meantime, please pray for God's continued leading. 

There are no guarantees, and many important issues to discuss–even my call is still pending authorization by the North Texas Presbytery–but I for one can't wait to see what God has in store!