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A New Lenten Tradition

Posted by Bill Lovell on

I am going to propose to the Session that we make it a new annual tradition at Christ Church Carrollton to conduct a full evacuation drill at least one Sunday each Lent. Our first evacuation drill has been planned for this coming Sunday, March 17, immediately following the 10:30 service. What better time than Lent to reflect on our mortality and the way in which we will tackle the risks that confront our church, our families, and ourselves! 

As Rex Redden mentioned last Sunday, the likelihood of our ever being assaulted by an active shooter is minuscule—I've been ordained for thirty years, and (thank God) I've never experienced such an attack—but in that same span of time, I've actually seen several evacuation situations! Two involved fires in the church, and two involved severe weather. In all four instances, I was struck by (1) how fortunate we were and (2) how alarmingly unprepared we were.

What are some of the dangerous situations which might cause us to evacuate Christ Church? Where would we go? What routes would we use to get there? And what about the children? The Safety & Security Team has thought through these and other questions and has put together a detailed plan. We will discuss and rehearse the plan, this Sunday. We need to hear your questions, suggestions, and concerns. 

As we keep saying, our lives rest completely in Jesus Christ. Because of him, we need never fear, in any ultimate sense, a shooter, a fire, or a tornado. Christ will protect us and provide for us. But one of the ways he will do that is through his church, so there is nothing wrong in our church thinking through a few of the steps we'll be helped to know if a problem ever arises. 

Please join me in participating fully in this coming Sunday's evacuation drill, thank Larry Perry and the Safety & Security Team for putting it all together, make careful note of what they tell us to do, and pray that all our planning and training will be interesting, informative, and completely unnecessary! And, however things work out, may God Almighty be praised!