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Circling the Square

Happy Twos-day!

Posted by Bill Lovell on

In Acts 2:46, the members of the early church were described as taking their meals together "with glad and generous hearts..." What a beautiful picture of life among those who know and love Jesus Christ and have been blessed by the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit!  When did you last...

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Tags: fellowship

Christ Church's Front Yard


Posted by Bill Lovell on

At the center of Downtown Carrollton is a lovely little half-acre Square I often call Christ Church’s “front yard.” It is, after all, right outside our front door! The old gazebo, two brand-new fountains, and the landscaped grass, trees and flowers are a calming balance to the...

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Tags: carrollton, christ, church, downtown, square

Finding Downtown Carrollton

Posted by Bill Lovell on

It was approximately seven years ago that the Lord led me to Downtown Carrollton. It was in the middle of the night, and I was out searching for a place for my small church to move after making the painful decision to leave our former denomination. I had originally looked along the Dallas North...

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