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Bahamas Mission Trip

Our Continuing Mission

Posted by Bill Lovell on with 1 Comments

Christ Church's Mission Trip to Nassau in the Bahamas was July 6-13—two months ago this week. Ten members of Christ Church Carrollton travelled 1,300 miles to partner with Florida's River Oaks PCA in helping Julian & Chris Russell as they minister in Christ's name to the people of Yellow Elder, Nassau's neediest neighborhood. 

The original draft of this final report focused entirely on the three great benefits I recognized as flowing from the trip: (1) supporting the gospel ministry of our brothers and sisters in the Bahamas; (2) connecting with a like-minded church like River Oaks in their gospel ministry; and (3) learning to cultivate those same benefits to our church's gospel ministry here at home in Carrollton. 

Of course, it was a huge blessing to watch the Russells as they reached out to dozens of families in their target neighborhood, showing the love of Jesus in concrete ways. It was also a huge blessing to get to know another PCA church and to build relationships with them. But, maybe most significantly, it was—and continues to be—a huge blessing to see the deepened sense of fellowship and the heightened sense of mission which our team brought home with us. I predict much fruit will come from this trip over many years. We're already talking about a possible follow-up trip in 2020.

But a lot has happened since July, and I’ve had to expand my first draft and refocus it. Who could have guessed, after what felt like a safe and enjoyable time in the Bahamas, that just two months later we and the rest of the world would watch in shock and grief as the place where we'd just ministered was hit by one of the worst storms in history? It felt surreal to see video footage of the devastation amidst so much that seemed so familiar. 

God has a way of preparing us for the work he wants us to do. He has certainly placed in my heart a love for the Bahamian people, as he has among all of us who traveled there this summer. As a result, Christ Church Carrollton is not only making plans for future mission trips; we are also looking, right now, at ways our small church can help the Bahamian people. Many members have asked what they can do. Here are two suggestions:

First and most importantly, please pray for Julian and Chris, and for everyone at Covenant Life Church in Nassau. Pray that they will be able to address not only the crushing physical needs of their suffering countrymen, but also their spiritual needs. Residents of this island paradise are today dazed and hurting and unsure how to process their experience theologically. God has given the Russells extraordinary access and credibility to speak into the situation. 

Second, please consider making a donation in any amount to Mission to the World, the PCA's international mission organization. They have a special fund for relief in the Bahamas, administered by the Russells. Just click on this link to read about their needs and then please send whatever you can spare. MTW maintains the highest standards of integrity in how they spend the money entrusted to them. They are also careful to make sure the glory goes to Jesus. A little bit of money will go a long way! 

Two months ago, who knew the Bahamas would need us the way they do now? God knew, of course. What a privilege it is to be able to share in his continuing mission among people we've now come to know and love. May God bless Julian and Chris Russell. May God bless Covenant Life Church. May God bless the Bahamas. 


Bill Lovell September 11, 2019 1:26am

I wish I had a different picture for this post—one that included our whole team—but I couldn't find the right one. I liked this one because it captured the bond all our team came to feel towards the people of the Bahamas.