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Bahamas Mission Trip

Day One: The Mission Week Begins

Posted by Kristin Guzak on


I had the opportunity to come a few days early to Nassau, Bahamas to help Julian and Christiana Russell run the first week of the camp. I came Tuesday night and jumped right in Wednesday morning. Little did I know the significant amount of energy, physical, spiritual, and mental energy that would be required of me. With limited volunteers and many, many, kids, it at times felt like we were in a circle that was never ending. However, looking back to this past week and especially reflecting on the closing day today, I am even more excited for our team to begin camp next week.

On Monday (today) we'll have double the amount of hands we had this past week. When putting together a rough draft roster of the kids that said they would come next week, we had over 100 kids signed up. Now here, that could mean we have 70 kids show up, or 150 kids show up!

We also had some promising breakthroughs this past week. Not only did we get to better hear the home life of many kids, but we really got to break through the surface and get deep with them. However, we also had some moments that just frustrated us. Kids that would not listen, disobeyed, and did not want to participate. Many times, when it was easy to lose our patience and simply get frustrated with them, we had to remember that most of these kids had backgrounds that often lacked parental authority in their lives. However, even though this camp was free and the older kids would often disobey, they continued to come back. This is encouraging because they obviously want to be there with us.

Yesterday, we enjoyed fellowship with Covenant Life Presbyterian Church and shared a meal together. Pastor David Camera from River Oaks Church in Orlando, Florida preached at the Communion Service. Afterwards, we all loaded up in the vans and headed to CW Sawyer to check out the school.

Following that, we headed west to eat some Bahamian cuisine. We enjoyed conch fritters and conch salad which was a big hit! We finally got to walk on the beach and see a beautiful sunset over on "Jaws Beach" looking out on Clifton Bay.

Jaws Beach Pier

The camp is quickly approaching and we are very excited to have 19 hands on deck to help with the kids. We are so excited for what the Lord has in store for this week! Keep checking this blog for more updates as the week goes on!


Prayer Points
  • That the older kids would find substance in what we are teaching them. Let them to soften their hearts and that the Holy Spirit would reveal to them the weight of faith.
  • Rest for the team. This will be an exhausting week. Allow the Lord to give us strength to get through the week as well as peaceful times of rest
  • The new kids coming, that the Lord would soften their hearts, and for the kids returning, that He would continue to work in their hearts
  • Patience in the leaders. These kids WILL test their patience. Ask the Lord to grant us patience when disciplining the kids, patience when working with them, and patience when loving them
  • To God be the glory. Let in everything that we do, we remember the purpose of this is the gospel. Allow us to return to that at every moment of the day.